Bus Driver Performance Observation Form

All drivers whether employed by a Head Start program, a school district, a private contractor, or other agency must adhere to safety requirements while driving young children. Program directors and transportation coordinators can use this resource to observe the driving performance of bus driver personnel.

Name of Driver _________________________ Center ________________________

Name of Bus Monitor ___________________________

Date _____________________________

Observation Made By _____________________________ Position _________________

Weather Conditions _______________________________

Number of Children on Bus ________





The daily bus log has been completed in all areas and every day.



The safety inspection was completed today.



The following are posted on the bus:
    a. Current insurance
    b. Emergency Procedures
    c. Bus Aide job description
    d. Daily schedule with times



The following are easily available:
    a. Emergency Cards
    b. Detailed pick-up and drop-off times with child's name
    c. Notes regarding route for the day



There is evidence that transportation information is shared at center meetings for all staff and at parent meetings.



The children that need toddler seats are indicated on the transportation schedule.



Children that need toddler seats are using them.



The bus is in clean and safe condition.



The driver can show you how to use the following equipment:
    a. Fire extinguisher
    b. Bi-directional triangles
    c. Emergency fuses
    d. First Aid Kit



Children are on the bus an hour or less.



The driver uses safe driving practices.



The volunteer uses a seat belt.



The bus driver uses a seat belt.



Volunteers get off the bus to assist the children on/off.



The driver is friendly to the children and parents.



Adults use positive conversation with the children.



Appropriate discipline is used on the bus.



Children are not left unattended.



An approved adult is present before a child is left.



An adequate amount of time is allowed for pick-up or drop-off.



Other observations:








Source: Adopted from Menominee-Delta-Schoolcraft Community Action Head Start, Bus Driver Observation Form, Michigan