Clean School Bus's National Idle-Reduction Campaign

Idling school buses pollute the air.  The National Idle-Reduction Campaign seeks to show the important role of the school bus driver in learning how to reduce diesel emission and improve air quality.

There are 25 million reasons why it's important to reduce idling. Take the pledge...the key to reducing idling is you!

Clean School Bus USA's newly launched National Idle-Reduction Campaign is a public information campaign that recognizes the important role of the school bus driver as a professional, who is responsible for the safety and security of children. The National Idle-Reduction Campaign:

  • Provides an opportunity for pupil transportation managers, bus drivers, teachers, and children to learn about air quality and diesel emissions.
  • Recognizes the positive contribution being made by school bus drivers.
  • Promotes idle-reduction as an easy way to save money by not wasting fuel, reducing wear and tear on engines, protecting drivers' health and the health of children, and improving air quality.