Engaging Children in Conversations, Birth to Five

Find out about teaching practices to engage infants, toddlers, and preschoolers in conversations that can support learning in the classroom.

Supporting Materials

Tips for Teachers: Engaging Young Infants in Conversations [PDF, 272KB]

Tips for Teachers: Engaging Older Infants and Toddlers in Conversations [PDF, 348KB]

Tips for Teachers: Engaging Preschool Children in Conversations [PDF, 340KB]

Tips for Teachers: Follow the C.A.R. [PDF, 301KB]

Tools for Teachers [PDF, 106KB]

Tools for Supervisors [PDF, 113KB]

Helpful Resources: Infants and Toddlers [PDF, 119KB]

Helpful Resources: Preschool [PDF, 123KB]

Materials for Trainers

Presentation [PPTX, 93MB]

Optional Slide [PPTX, 966KB]

Presenter Notes [PDF, 1.9MB]

Learning Activity: Beginning the Conversation—Infants and Toddlers [PDF, 107KB]

Learning Activity: Beginning the Conversation—Preschoolers [PDF, 106KB]

Learning Activity: Conversations Around the Environment—Infants and Toddlers [PDF, 4.2MB]

Learning Activity: Conversations Around the Classroom—Preschoolers [PDF, 2.1MB]

Learning Activity: Video Review—Infants and Toddlers [PDF, 111KB]

Learning Activity: Video Review—Preschoolers [PDF, 108KB]

Learning Activity Videos [PPTX, 250MB]

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Last Updated: June 6, 2018