Infant and Toddler Online Associate Degree Courses

The Office of Head Start, in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati and its partners, funded an Innovation and Improvement Grant, to develop an infant and toddler curriculum that can be accessed by institutions of higher learning across the country. The curriculum consists of courses in simple module form that incorporate the latest research and expertise in online learning. The courses may be used to develop an infant and toddler associate degree focused completely on infant and toddler care and development.

How to access the modules

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What is the purpose of the Infant and Toddler Online Associate Degree Courses?

  1. To provide online associate level course content packaged into 15 courses, comprising modules containing videos of effective practice, reflection exercises, and relevant readings.
  2. Modules are designed to be incorporated into an existing college course, or grouped together to comprise an entire college curriculum.
  3. Each module contains an instructor's guide describing effective practices and links course content to the Head Start Program Performance Standards and the NAEYC Standards.

Common Threads Included Throughout Modules

  • The developing brain
  • Children and families with special needs
  • Social and emotional development
  • Dual language learners
  • Family-oriented care and family partnerships
  • Culturally-sensitive care
  • Reflective practice

Last Updated: July 16, 2018