Planning for Assessment

This in-service suite describes how teachers can plan efficiently for conducting ongoing assessment of children's learning in the preschool classroom.

Supporting Materials

Tips for Teachers [PDF, 194KB]

Tools for Teachers: Assessment Tracking Chart [PDF, 123KB]

Tools for Teachers: Daily Assessment Areas Chart [PDF, 111KB]

Tools for Teachers: Weekly Assessment Planning Matrix [PDF, 119KB]

Tools for Supervisors: Observation Form [PDF, 65KB]

Tools for Supervisors: Weekly Assessment Plan Feedback Form [PDF, 77KB]

Helpful Resources [PDF, 89KB]

Materials for Trainers

Presentation [PPTX, 199MB]

Presenter Notes [PDF, 3.0MB]

Optional Learning Activity: The Assessment-Instructional Cycle [PDF, 190KB]

Optional Learning Activity: Methods of Assessment [PDF, 77KB]

Learning Activity: Assessment Planning Matrix [PDF, 450KB]

Learning Activity: Activity Plan for Assessment [PDF, 139KB]

Learning Activity: Team Collaboration [PDF, 90KB]

To view these materials without Internet access, download Planning for Assessment 15-minute In-service Suite [ZIP, 202MB]. Please ensure your computer meets the minimum system requirements before downloading.

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Last Updated: July 17, 2018