Science and Math in Preschool Curriculum: Can All Young Children Benefit?

Dr. Eva Horn, University of Kansas, Lawrence

Preschool curriculum lays the foundation for the kindergarten curriculum and later school success. Young children desire to explore math and science concepts in their everyday lives whether it is observing differences or figuring out a problem. Fostering chances to develop these skills can help children develop positive attitudes toward learning and encourage dispositions, such as inventiveness and persistence. These attitudes also can contribute to future success in school. For the preschool child science can include vocabulary, predictions, and experiments while math can be graphing, recording data, counting, shapes, and patterns. This call describes how we sequentially integrate math and science into a comprehensive preschool curriculum. It also provides specific examples of activities and activity plans. Examples include ways to plan and adapt to benefit all children, including those with special needs.

Topic:School Readiness

Resource Type: Video

Last Updated: October 31, 2017