Weaving Connections: Health Services Advisory Committee Training Kit

Head Start programs provide health services in partnership with families and community health organizations. Together they support the health and safety of young children and their families. Health Services Advisory Committees (HSACs) help programs to make decisions about health services. Weaving Connections is a resource that programs can use to help plan, recruit, engage, and evaluate the work of the HSAC.

This updated version of Weaving Connections preserves the framework of the five original modules. Programs will also find a new module that discusses how to use recent technologies to promote HSAC participation. The original resource is now up to date to reflect the current Head Start Act. These materials can be used with the original video developed in 2002. This document is available in Spanish (español). Note: These resources are under review.

Topic:Health Services Management

Keywords:Health and wellnessSocial emotional developmentHealth professionalsCommunity engagementChild diseases and disorders

Resource Type: Video

National Centers: Early Childhood Health and Wellness

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