Why Did I Do That? Mental Models and Their Influence on Your Work as a Leader

Throughout your day, you are constantly interacting with others, making decisions, and taking action. All of those activities are influenced by what thought leaders, including noted author Peter Senge, call your “mental models”—the way in which you see the world around you.

This Management Matters presentation and the materials that accompany it are designed to help directors, governing body and Policy Council members, managers, and staff members:

  • Reflect on some of your mental models
  • Consider where they come from
  • Recognize how your mental models differ from those held by the people you work with
  • Identify strategies that you can use right away to manage your mental models in order to achieve even greater effectiveness as a leader

Before viewing, you may want to print a copy of the presentation slides so you can follow along. We also recommend that you watch the brief video entitled “Selective Attention Test” before viewing the presentation. Find these and other supporting materials below.

Supporting Materials for Why Did I Do That? Mental Models and Their Influence on Your Work as a Leader:

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