Teacher Time Viewers Guide | Episode 3

Doctor Alexandra Figueras-Daniel joined us to talk about the importance of teacher-child interactions
and how those interactions with children impact their growth and development.

Let's Talk About Following the Baby

Even the youngest children are able to tell us in a variety of ways what they want and need. Caring adults invite their opinions, and listen when they provide them. When we show babies that their choices are important to us, we teach them self-awareness and self-confidence. This podcast highlights the importance of communicating with infants and toddlers, and following their lead as they explore their environment.

Teacher-to-Teacher Talk

This in-service suite shows how teachers working on teams can engage in ongoing and effective communication. Learn how teacher-to-teacher talk can support quality teaching and learning in the classroom.

Novel Words, Birth to Five

Conversations help children develop varied vocabularies. Find out how to use everyday talks with children to help them learn more vocabulary words.

Problem Solving in the Moment

Teachers can use the problem solving approach of this in-service suite with children in their classrooms. It helps children resolve social problems as they arise "in the moment."

Thick and Thin Conversations, Birth to Five

"Thick" conversations are the extended back-and-forth exchanges between a teacher and a child. This in-service suite describes teaching practices to engage infants, toddlers, and prescholers in "thick" conversations.

Creating Classroom Rules

This in-service suite describes five steps teachers can follow to generate meaningful classroom rules and teach them to children.