Learning Experiences

Children learn by doing. Whether playing in or outdoors, expressing creativity through art and music, or investigating a problem, children’s hands-on learning experiences set the stage for new discoveries. Explore the resources on this page to find out how learning experiences that build on children’s natural interests and curiosity about the world lead to their learning and development.


A boy plays with wooden shapesPlay benefits every aspect of child development. The act of play comes so naturally that it seems to be little more than a simple, joyful experience. In reality, play provides children with opportunities to learn about and master relationships, language, math, science, problem solving, and their bodies. Use these resources to help you think more deeply about all the ways play can contribute to children’s development and learning in your program.

Creative Arts

two girls play with clayThe creative arts help children use their imagination to learn about the world around them. Activities that involve art, dramatic play, dance, and music help children learn across every developmental domain. These activities also foster self-esteem and confidence as children learn to express themselves and their ideas. In these resources, learn how to build the creative arts into your learning environment and how doing so will support children’s development and learning.

Math and Science

A teacher shows stacking cups to a toddlerMath and science learning happens naturally every day, as children explore, play, and try new things. When young children have the opportunity to investigate the world around them, they learn and experiment with new ideas, putting math and science skills into practice. Children observe, are curious, and investigate to find out more about their world. They gather information as they solve problems and use it to further their understanding of new concepts. Explore these resources to find ideas about how to encourage math and science learning in early childhood settings.


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Last Updated: November 8, 2019