[Sample of] Certificate of Substantial Completion Form

During the design phases and during the occupancy phase outstanding construction items noted as punch list items will be listed on a Certificate of Substantial Completion form. This form is used by the chief executive officer of the grantee. This certificate allows the grantee to ensure safe and effective utilization of the structure.

DATE OF ISSUANCE: ____________________

OWNER: _________________________________________________________________________
CONTRACTOR: ___________________________________________________________________
Contract: ________________________________________________________________________
Project: _________________________________________________________________________

OWNER's Contract No. ____________ ENGINEER's Contract No. ___________

[ ] This Certification of Substantial Completion applies to all Work under the Contract Documents.
[ ] This Certification of Substantial Completion applies to the following specified parts of the Contract Documents:

The Work to which this Certificate applies has been inspected by authorized representatives of the OWNER, CONTRACTOR and ENGINEER, and found to be substantially complete and is also the date of commencement of applicable warranties required by the Contract Documents, * (except as attached.)

The Work is hereby declared to be substantially complete with the Contract Documents on:

Date of Substantial Completion

[ ] A "Punch-List" of items to be completed or corrected is attached hereto. This list may not be all-inclusive, and the failure to include an item in it does not alter the responsibility of the CONTRACTOR to complete all Work in accordance with the Contract Documents. The items in the tentative list shall be completed or corrected by the CONTRACTOR within _________ days of the above date of Substantial Completion.

[ ] * A list of "excepted" Warranty items is attached hereto.